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My Hubby on TV! May 2, 2012

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Check out my hubby on TV this week!  He’s on EWTN on “Women of Grace” with Johnette Benkovic, talking about Fatherhood.  You can catch it tomorrow and Friday at 11 am eastern on EWTN.  You may be able to watch the first three episodes from the women of grace website.  Sorry I didn’t get it on sooner, but better late than never!


If you click on “home” I think the programs are listed on that page.  I believe you can watch them live on the website if you don’t get EWTN.


3 Responses to “My Hubby on TV!”

  1. Naomi Butler Says:

    …can’t access videos/shows after a certain period, but the whole set of (5?) shows is available on-line LHLA for a pretty affordable price.

  2. Glad to hear the Chaplet has helped you, Donald. Praise God! You would have to ask my Dad about who’s who. I don’t remember what order we were in and never have my TV on during the day.

  3. Donald Says:

    Hi Colleen! Question: I watch the Divine Mercy every afternoon at 3 and it has helped more than you know…was wondering ‘who’s who’…Erin, your dad, You? , your brother and ? Thanks

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