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From My Family to Yours December 25, 2011

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All ready for Chistmas Eve Mass


Something My Teens and I Can Agree On December 14, 2011

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Just came across this amazing video, which my kids and I have enjoyed three times already in the last 10 minutes. I can’t explain it, really, but it just makes me feel happy.  You can tell how much fun he’s having, and there’s just something about when teens get creative in praising the Lord that really moves me.  SO COOL!



Wonderful Advent/Christmas Reflection December 13, 2011

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I ran across this video the other day and found it really powerful, so I thought I would share it.  Never heard of this group, but I will have to check out their other music.  Enjoy!



Treasure in Heaven December 6, 2011

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I heard today of a dear woman who is really struggling after miscarrying her first baby, and it brought back so many memories for me.  When I was going through my own valleys of loss, I found so much comfort in talking to others who had experienced the same thing.  I was also ministered to through music, particularly that of Watermark and Marie Bellet, who both have songs specifically about miscarriage. Since I’m a musician myself, these songs really helped me process what I was feeling.  I spent quite a bit of time journaling as well, and even composed lyrics to my own song, which have yet to be set to music.  I haven’t shared them with too many people, but I got thinking today that if others’ experiences helped me so much, maybe my experience could help someone, too.  I’ve shared my miscarriage story here:  https://8littlearrows.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/no-pain-no-gain/, but today, I thought I would also share the song lyrics I wrote after my second miscarriage.  So without further ado, here it is:

Treasure in Heaven

While I take up this cross

I despise the shame.

I wish it could be another way.

I know I have to say, “Thy will be done,”

But it’s so hard to let go of a life just begun.

Then I hear You say:

“Do not lay up for yourself treasures on Earth,

But lay up treasures in Heaven,

For where your treasure is,

there will your heart be also.”

And now I have a treasure in Heaven

neither moth nor rust can consume,

and Satan has no claim on her soul,

’cause I know she’s already with You.

So break this stubborn human heart, Lord.

Help me say, “Thy will be done.”

Deep down I know it was in your wisdom

that You took away my little one.

My heart is with my treasure.

She keeps my eyes fixed on the prize —

that one day we will praise the Lord

together, side by side.

And in the meantime, my little treasure,

pray for your mother’s aching heart.

Pray for me. Pray for me.

(For Hope, January 1995, Mary Rose, January 2001, Trinity, April 2001)

For a beautiful prayer after a miscarriage, click here: https://8littlearrows.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/prayer-after-a-miscarriage/


Thanksgiving December 1, 2011

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Colleen Flynn Free

So blessed!  Every now and then, when I see a picture of my whole crew together, like this one taken this past July, I just get an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the ways the Lord has blessed us.  And I realize that I really have nothing to complain about. Thank you Lord, for a fabulous husband, three little saints in Heaven, and these 8 beautiful, healthy lives you’ve entrusted to us here on earth. May our lives be a song of praise to You!

And thank you, Uncle Jim http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.desolationroadstudios.com%2F&h=DAQEadckE, for taking the photo! It’s rare that we all get in one together!