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Jesse Tree: Week Three December 11, 2010

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King Solomon, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, and John the Baptist


Solomon: Read 1 Kings 3:3-14  Week three begins with King Solomon, remembered both for his incredible gift of wisdom and for the beautiful temple he built for God in Jerusalem.  I chose to use a crown for Solomon, but a temple could also be used for this ornament, depending on your level of artistic ability.

Elijah: Read 2 Kings 2:11-18  This prophet lived 900 years before Jesus at a time when Israel was ruled by weak kings and the people worshipped false gods.  His job was to convince the Israelites to return to their true God.  The symbol for Elijah is the chariot of fire in which he was swept up to Heaven when his job on earth was done.  This was one of my favorite ornaments.

Isaiah: Read Isaiah 2:4, 7:14, 9:6-7  This prophet lived near Jerusalem about 700 years before Christ, and gave hope to the Israelites that peace would come to their nation (“and they shall beat their swords into plowshares”). He also foretold the birth of “Emmanuel … God with us.”  The symbol for Isaiah is a hammer beating a sword.

Daniel: Read Daniel 6:10-23  Daniel’s faithfulness to his God in spite of persecution is an inspiring example, and the story of the lion’s den is such a wonderful reminder of God’s care for His people.  I had fun making the lion for this ornament.  I just cut fringe all the way around a golden circle of felt and glued it onto a smaller circle.  Then I traced the face on a slightly different color and glued that on top of the gold circle.  It looks good, but wasn’t too hard. (Just my type of project!)

Jonah: Read Jonah 1-4  I love the story of Jonah.  Maybe because it’s such a great reminder to the kids of how important obedience is! 🙂  Moms need all the help we can get in that department, right?!  This ornament was one of the easier ones to make.  I’m really good at tracing!

Zechariah and Elizabeth: Read Luke 1:5-23  The praying hands on this ornament represent the many fervent prayers offered by this holy couple that God would bless them with a child.  Their faithfulness was rewarded, finally, with the visitation of the angel Gabriel to Zechariah, and the subsequent birth of their son, John the Baptist.

John the Baptist: Read Matthew 3:1-11  John’s symbol is a shell with water dripping from it, since John is obviously known for baptizing and preaching repentance in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.  I used glue and glitter to make the drops of water.

By the end of this third week, we’re almost to the story of the nativity.  And all the exciting “Christmasy” activities we’ll be doing during the fourth week of Advent will only serve to heighten the sense of anticipation.  Stay tuned!


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