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Catch Them Doing Good November 8, 2010

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Today was a Monday … and boy, was it a Monday!  The kids were coming down off their sugar high from all the “Sunday treats” they had yesterday, and it seemed none of them could calm down and focus on their schoolwork.  I started the day with a crick in my neck and a headache.   Add to that the fact that I am pretty much with my kids all the time, since I home school, so there was no escape!  Thankfully, I start my Mondays with a holy hour, so I think that was my saving grace for today.  On days like this, the best thing I can do is practice a little gratitude. 

Since I’m with my kids so much, it’s easy to take the good things for granted while noticing every little thing they do wrong.  So it’s important to step back and “catch them going good.”  So here’s my Monday list of things I’ve noticed:

My almost 15-year-old mows the lawn often, without being asked.  He also dotes on his baby sister, which I just love to watch.

My 13-year-old does “school work” with her four-year-old brother during her recess, when she could be spending it doing something for herself.   She also immediately sits down and writes a thank-you note when she receives a gift from someone.

My 11-year-old straightened his big sister’s room for her when her friend was coming over, because she didn’t have time to do it herself before her friend arrived.  He also invited his younger siblings to come hang out with him on his new bunk. ( I don’t know why bunk beds are so fascinating, but they all loved it!)

My eight-year-old, during a game of tag, encouraged his friends to let my four-year-old “tag” them when he was” it,” because he knew his little brother would get discouraged by being smaller and slower than the others.  He also volunteers quite often to help put the little ones to bed at night, brushing teeth and reading stories.

My six-year-old gave his big sister one of his toys for her birthday because she told him it was one of her favorites.  He also went out with his dad in the morning and brought home flowers for me — twice within a couple of weeks.

My four-year-old brings his own dishes to the counter after meals.  He also picks flowers all summer long for me and for his sisters.  Now that the weather is colder, he tells me that he will pick me flowers for my birthday.  So precious!

My two-year-old is the best eater I’ve ever had.  I rarely have to nag her to eat.  She also has very nice manners (when she is not in the throes of a temper tantrum, and remembers to use them!).

And last, but not least, my baby girl gives me smiles that would melt any mother’s heart, and make her day brighter.  

Aaaaah … my Monday just got so much better!  I should really do this more often.


3 Responses to “Catch Them Doing Good”

  1. Jay Says:

    AND, my thirty-something-year-old wife is the best wife and mom ever!
    Love, Jay

  2. Awwww! I think I just caught YOU being good! God bless all mothers and God bless their children too!

  3. Naomi Butler Says:

    Great attutude of gratitude! 🙂 Your kids are so sweet, esp. that baby- she is my godchild of course- and Joe’s too! ( Trying not to be biased!) You guys must be Parenting on Purpose!!!!!!!! 🙂

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