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One Heroic Moment August 3, 2010

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When I started this blog the other day, my husband jokingly told me that I should blog about how wonderful he is.  Well, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would give me a reason to do so in all honesty.  I was right.

This morning was one of the mornings he had to be out of the house by about 7am.  I awoke to my cell phone beeping at about 7:30, just as my daughter walked into the room ready to walk a neighbor’s dog that she and her brother are taking care of for a couple of days.  She was realizing that as soon as she came back from doing that, she would also have to feed and walk our dog.  She heard the phone beep, so she checked it and found a text from my husband:  “FYI:  I’ve already fed and walked the dog this morning.” 

Now that might not seem like such a big deal, but my husband’s days are full of little actions like that one which, when put together, make him a pretty amazing husband and father:

  • He regularly goes out of his way, when he’s out on business, to pick up raw milk for me (we drink that instead of pasteurized), saving me an hour and a half round trip.
  • He brings home dinner frequently when he knows I had a terrible night’s sleep the night before, or am having a particularly rough day.
  • He’ll give the kids a shower or bath simply because he knows it’s one of those things I really dislike doing.
  • He takes kids with him almost everywhere he goes, even though it would be easier and quicker to go by himself, just because he knows that it’s important to spend time with them.
  • He takes the kids out to breakfast and makes them order for themselves, so they will learn to be independent.
  • He cooks every Sunday, and many other times, to make sure I get off at least one day every week.
  • He takes kids with him, in the stroller or on their scooters, when he walks or runs, even though it would be faster and more relaxing to go alone.
  • He coaches baseball and helps with scouts, even though he could be working at those times, because he knows that when the Dad is involved, the kids stay interested, and also get quantity and quality time with him.
  • He calls almost daily to see if I need anything while he’s out.
  • He will call and set up hair appointments for the kids and then take them, because he knows that planning and phone calls are not my strength!
  • He takes the 2 y.o. to the beach with him to get her out of my hair, and then stays with her by the shore so the older kids can have fun out at the dock in the deeper water.

The list could go on and on (and I’m sure he’ll tell me later that I should have continued!), but you get the picture.  One of my favorite recording artists, Marie Bellet ( http://www.mariebellet.com/), on her album “What I Wanted to Say,” has an awesome song called “One Heroic Moment.”  Every time I hear it, I feel so grateful for my husband.  It’s all about how the little things her husband does each day that may seem like no big deal, are actually a series of heroic moments that not only make him a better husband, father, and person, but ultimately bring him closer to Christ and set him free.

The chorus goes something like this:  “One heroic moment in an ordinary day, minute after minute, little steps along the way.  He knows he must deny himself for the man he needs to be, and each heroic moment slowly sets him free.”  And so, Honey, I just want to say thank you for all those little sacrifices, and I want you to know that they don’t go unnoticed — not by me, not by the kids, and not by the Lord!  You are well on your way to becoming “the man you need to be!”


One Response to “One Heroic Moment”

  1. Augustine Blaize Says:

    I’m reading your blogs for the first time. I just bounced up on them on the MercySong page. I think this is such a great way to not only get to know one’s self through reflective writing, but teaching others who read them as well. The spiritual enlightenment in each is great. I’m not a Mom, but I work with a lot of children, and many times feel like a Mom. I’m not technologically savvy, but you have given me the courage to start blogging also. Thanks for your courage, and all the lessons you teach by writing these blogs. May God continue to richly Bless you, your husband, and 8 children. Yes, the 3 saints in heaven are indeed looking out for the family!!! Please continue to evangelize in this way. It is really great!!

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